Curtains, blinds and panels (AV)

Dress up your interior for now and tomorrow…a long term answer to dec-oration requirements.

Curtains, blinds or Japanese panels may end up adorning your home for many years.
We strive to know your taste, the style of your interior and the shapes and design of the windows and doors.

Call at our shop Avenue Louise where you will be presented with a selection of upholstering fabrics from the vast collection of samples available in our showroom.


If you hesitate between different collections or styles our team of Interior decorators will help you chose by making proposals based on your initial se-lection of fabrics and colors (complimentary service).
We can provide and fix hanging mechanisms with our broad selection of high standard quality reliable brands. We can on demand, finalize the fixtures and hanging of the finished curtains.

High quality creation

When the project finally meets your expectations we provide you with a final quote which you are asked to approve.
We work closely with a specialized company based in Belgium (Flanders) which guarantees the highest quality standards in all types of finishing
Curtains’ lining: the result makes the cost worthwhile.
The ambient light in your room when the curtains are drawn mainly depends on the fabric chosen for the curtains and the choice whether or not to line them with thermal or occulting material.
We stock a large range of lining materials for your needs or desires.

Net curtains

Net curtains create a vibrant or softened light for your personal environ-ment.
Net curtains are the necessary complement to your window treatment. The choice of the materials and fabrics should match the choice of the curtains’ fabrics, like a scarf embellishes and refines a woman’s outfit.
lamaisondecouture has a selected number of fabrics from various editors which harmonizes with its collections of jacquards and velvets.
We stock a wide range of net curtains in every styles and prices: linen, lin-en/cotton, polyester, silk/cotton, …



Exclusive fabrics and velvets glow like little jewels of exquisite craftsmanship, in soft and comfortable cushions made by our expert couturiers.
Decorative cushions and soft furnishings for bed and sofa. There are more than 40 original models conceived by our designers.


Soft and comfortable textile accessories that give an elegant and sophisticated appeal to the most intimate of personal spaces.
L’Opificio quilts are masterpieces of the textile art, carefully hand sewn, unique crea-tions designed with love: timeless pieces, beautiful and well made, they include all the advantages of the 100% Made in Italy products.
Inspiration, experience and a great tailoring knowledge use exclusive fabrics and vel-vets to create refined bedspreads that can be customized or made to measure.
The fillings are warm, light-weight, hypo allergic, fixed or removable.