OPIFICIO is first of all a family, a place of shared values, projects and goals, founded in 1998. Born from the passion for fabrics of the sisters Barbara and Paola Bertoldo, fol-lowed by their brother Federico, the OPIFICIO brand reflects the excellence of the Made in Italy brand.
A company with its heart in Turin and which over more than fifteen years of experi-ence has combined the elegance of tradition together with the most innovative forms of expression for the contemporary home.


0% formaldehyde
l’Opificio makes no compromises and demonstrates that fabrics could high quality produced in a sustainable way. l’Opificio’s fabrics do not contain formaldehyde and other types of harmful substances.


l’Opificio design studio is an group of experts with a vast knowledge in the field of interior design sharing the same values. They respond to the desire to create beauti-ful objects and to find innovative solutions. This requires time and passion and springs from an authentic and intimate dialogue between the textile components and all other elements to transform a simple space into a welcoming interior.
We believe that empathy for places and those who live there is indispensable: design establishes this link. Sensitivity, care and above all, the quality of our products keep our customers happy.


100% Made in Italy design and manufacture for a contemporary and elegant textile universe
High quality, Italian style collection for classic or glamorous interiors
A full range of fire retardant fabrics, the result of a consolidated technical know-how.
L’Opificio fabrics are Formaldehyde-Free and contain no other harmful substances. They result from a sustainable production process. L’Opificio cares for environmental preservation; all safety and health standards are strictly complied with L’Opificio makes no compromises and proves that high quality fabrics can be produced sustain-ably.

High quality standards, the use of the noblest natural fibers, a rich and vibrant pal-ette: L’Opificio velvets are the end result of a long textile tradition.
Silk velvets, linen velvets, cotton velvets, and viscose velvets. The softest and the most precious of fabrics, the most nuanced, a classic that has left an indelible trace in the history of interior decoration. It is available in over 200 colors.
The fire retardant velvet collection is designed to satisfy contract Industry needs, made in accordance with international safety requirements and in compliance with all laws and regulations relating to the protection of man and the environment.

Silk velvet speaks to all the senses, stirs emotions and represents the best of Made in Italy know how. The fabric is synonymous with tradition and innovation, a precious symbol of the unbreakable connection between haute couture and design, and a pro-tagonist in the history of fashion and luxury design….
L’Opificio silk velvet is a fluid material created to wrap the most stylish interiors. It has a 100% silk pile and 100% cotton base, and is available in thirty vibrant shades.