Project Description

Fashion design for high-end fashion (3 years)


Year 1: Acquiring the Fundamental Basics

Understand the body and the different bodies.

Understand the material.

Learn the basics of sewing and model making techniques.

Practice drawing and experiment with different techniques; generate ideas and learn to express them through various media (by hand and on computer);

Identify trends, colours and styles of the time and become familiar with past styles and fashion movements.

Year 2: Consolidate achievements and address technical challenges

Consolidate techniques

Think of the silhouette in a global way

Consider model making and sewing more advanced models (lace work, evening dress and initiation to cutting by moulding).

Development of meaning and artistic culture applied to clothing.

Year 3: Affirm your universe and master all the techniques in model making and sewing

The assembly of the tailor jacket

The assembly of the coat

The drape

Sewing techniques associated with the creation of wedding dresses and evening dresses in the field of highend fashion.

Possibility of doing an internship from 3 to 6 months after the end of the 3rd year.


The stylist must be able, at the end of his training, to:

  1. Search for appropriate technical solutions

  2. Establish a provisional cost price for a model

  3. Establish a working method (technical files, order of operations, operational logic, coherent choices based on quality, deadlines and costs, etc.)

  4. Securing supplies

  5. Choose and optimize the means (material and human) contributing to the manufacturing process

  6. Building a model


  1. Artistic culture applied to clothing: history of costume, main stylistic trends, typology of clothing

  2. Pattern making: design, preparation, analysis and interpretation of a sketch, moulding, flat cutting, cutting, preparation, fitting, pattern making, transformations.

  3. Draping

  4. Knowledge of fabrics: origin, composition, physical characteristics, finishing, maintenance, regulations;

  5. Artistic and technical drawing

  6. CAD

  7. The fundamentals of sewing and finishing: knowing and mastering the traditional manufacturing processes related to Haute Couture:

– « flou »

– Tailoring

Manufacturing, assembly, interfacing, hand finishing, pressing, doubling, ironing, quality control.



A mandatory internship of 1 month must be completed by the student between the 2nd and 3rd year. A 3-month non-compulsory internship may be carried out at the end of the 3rd year course.


Presentation of the creators’ work to two juries in March and June;

Graduation and collection shows: early July.


1st year

  1. Courses

Pattern making : theory and individual project study

Artistic culture applied to clothing

Advanced sewing techniques (assembly of pieces of clothing in calico + realization of technical works in fabric (assembly of wrists, zip, buttoning tabs, collars, pockets etc.)

Knowledge of fabrics

Artistic and technical drawing

  1. Projects

Reproduction of a model of a spring-summer ready-to-wear collections;e

End-of-year model based on the guidelines given by the professor

2nd year

  1. Courses

Draping : initiation.

Pattern making /Gradation: theory and individual project study.

Advanced sewing techniques: technical details(embroidery, whale placement, lace work, beading, glazing, interlining, etc.)

Design and creation: Creative design around 3 themes: trend panel, material research, shape and volume research, silhouette projects (fashion designs, research sketches, technical flat tints)


Artistic and technical drawing

  1. Projects

– Reproduction of 3 models from the autumn-winter and spring-summer ready-to-wear collections (chosen by the teaching team);

– a personal silhouette on 1 of the 3 research themes (choice guided by the team)

3rd year

  1. Courses

Draping, advanced level.

Fashion design and creation: Creative work around the design of 2 luxury mini collections (use of high-end materials):

  • A mini fall-winter collection of 3 silhouettes based on selected fabrics at Première Vision in September

  • A spring-summer mini collection of 3 silhouettes based on selected fabrics at Première Vision in February

Model studies (flat cut)

Thematic workshops in advanced sewing tehcniques on the following subjects :

  • The tailoring

  • The evening dress

  • The wedding dress

  • The lace

  • Chanel outfit

  1. Projects

  • 2 mini collections (6 silhouettes).


The programme is opened to any student who has successfully completed secondary school studies.

Recrutement is based on an individual interview with at least 2 profesors.

Student status is granted on registration.

All student under 28 of age should get affiliated to a social security scheme.


1st year  4950 euro/year

2nd year 4950 euro/year

3rd year 5400 euro/year

4th year 5850 euro/year