Custom made

Today, ready-to-wear is the norm and custom made the exception; so to cross the door of a fashion house is thus a little stressful: what does it feel like to buy something as yet imagined? How can anyone know what it will look like it?
lamaisondecouture has the answer;
Our bespoke service is at your disposal; we work with our own designers – but also with young fashion designers recently graduated from the most promi-nent fashion school in Anwerpen, Paris, Brussels : Doriane van Overeem, Emilie Beaumont, Véronique Billiet, Paula Quetglas, Gioia Seghers…
Let us amaze and enchant, but also reassure you!
Models are not copied from pictures but only from model prototypes in cot-ton (calico) that you can try on to help to visualize the forms, the volumes, and thus to appreciate, at a very early stage in the process what is most like-ly to suit you.

“Fashion passes, style is eternal”

Yves St Laurent

Our Studio

Come and visit our studio to discover our permanent collection of models, dozens of skirts, dresses, pants, tops, coats that you can try on, modify and adapt to your our desires;
Sit back comfortably in our large fitting room and take you time to try on, alone or with a friend, our various models.

Sweet rate

Bespoke doesn’t necessarily mean expensive!
You can order a flared skirt or a simple jersey dress for less than 200 euros; there is no need to make things complicated, the fabric “is” the model and the made to measure does the rest!