Who is not fascinated by fabric? So much beauty, creativity, color and tech-niques both ancient and futuristic…
Since the fabric offer is almost limitless, our challenge is to choose!
In lamaisondecouture we offer:
– a carefully selected stop of fabrics for day wear, weddings, formal wear and sport wear
– a catalogue of fabric types on order: silks, cottons, jerseys, woollens etc.
– new fabric samples each season – spring/summer, autumn/winter which can be rider within 3 – 6 days

“The future of fashion lies in the textile. Everything comes from the fabric”

Donna Karan

Fabric gallery

Explore our photo gallery of fabrics on the site, note down the reference num-ber and contact us for availability, price and delivery options.

A specific fabric ?

Are you looking for something in particular? We can find it together via our suppliers or indeed either print or weave it to order. Talk to us.